Waiting for the question: The Force awakens at Grandma’s house

As Parzival, Luke never reached Act Two. We see him initiated, but to what end? The myth of Parzival makes that clear, but Star Wars never did. Until now.

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Smurf and Re-Smurf

The real power of the in-continuity revival is its ability to bridge an original audience with a new one. Fans of the prior version are not alienated since they are in fact watching “the same” show or movie they have always loved. New viewers, however, feel they are seeing something new and exciting, not some geeky rerun. When shared with someone you love, the in-continuity revival can be an entertaining bonding experience through story and shared character.

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Brawly Old Saint Nicholas

Far from being a figure shrouded in mystery, Santa actually has a detailed and compelling biography. Underneath the “jolly old elf” lies a great lion of man, fiercely guarding those who can’t guard themselves.

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