Guest post: Knox Bible (Student Edition) at the Catholic Bibles blog

My latest entry at the Catholic Bibles blog, this time on an obscure edition of the Knox Bible from last century. Though different than my usual StoryWiseGuy fare, I do reference Star Trek, Star Wars, Tolkien, Harry Potter, and Graham Greene. I’ll link to it here in case it’s of interest. Feel free to check it out.

The Knox translation of the Latin Vulgate (aka “The Yoda Bible”)

4 thoughts on “Guest post: Knox Bible (Student Edition) at the Catholic Bibles blog

  1. Tom

    Christopher can I ask how you contacted Macau to acquire a CCB BIBLE. I have been trying to acquire one and have been stymied. Thanks, Tom.


  2. Chris Buckley

    Claretian Publications is online here:
    The overview of the CCB is here:
    Specific editions sin English are here:
    You can reach them through their contact form here:
    or at P.O. Box 1608, Macao, China – Tel. 00 853 2893 9174
    Eventually, it was Fr. Jijo I was corresponding with at:

    Hope that helps!


      1. Chris Buckley

        I bought one directly from them, as it was the only way I could be sure to get the new revised edition (59th ed. or later).

        It was pretty expensive (about $65 all told), and I had to pay by a bank transfer to Fr. Rossi’s U.S. bank account (since the publisher is overseas and wasn’t set up to manage currency exchange transactions).

        Sadly, the US retailers don’t seem to pay any attention to the version they sell. You may have some luck, however, purchasing on EBay or from Amazon sellers. I have seen the Revised Edition there (often listed by its 2013 publication date, or verified by the images of the title


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