Guest Post: A Resource for Praying Sacred Scripture >> Catholic Bibles Blog

My latest entry at the Catholic Bibles blog. It’s different than my usual StoryWiseGuy fare, so I’ll link to it here if it’s of interest. Feel free to check it out.


3 thoughts on “Guest Post: A Resource for Praying Sacred Scripture >> Catholic Bibles Blog

  1. richbuckley7

    The more one reads, the more one seems to find in Catholic out-reach. I find this a very positive aspect. Here, for example is a personal Catholic hero I follow and his gentle approach to bridge understanding among religions. Here is a sample of his excellent work: Richard Rohr
    I used to address him as Fr. Richard Rohr, but I do not see the proper designation on this web page.


  2. Lenny

    Chris—seeing that your into the LOTH I thought you may want to look into using the annual ORDER OF PRAYER FOR THE LOTH AND THE EUCHARIST. This is published in limited print run annually. I have been using this tool for over 20 yrs and it has enhanced the use of my breviary as well as prayers. You can purchase this ORDO at your local church supply or directly from Paulist Press either in print form or new app. These books come in various editions specific to each archdiocese. My reason for using the ORDO is that it not only list the prayer format for the Universal Church but on certain days the prayer ORDO is specific to your diocese such as the annual celebration of the cathedral dedication, the diocese patron saint etc. This book will guide you in the use of the LOTH for these feasts. By using this book/guide you will get more out of your breviary and you will not only be praying with the Universal Church but also your local church.

    Check it out. I trust you will find it as useful and helpful as I have.

    BTW–enjoy your guest posts on bible blog.



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